Family Businesses, Family LLCs, Personal General Legal Counsel

Personal General Legal Counsel To U.S. and International High Net Worth Individuals, Families and Family Businesses.
Earle Goodman has a substantial background in litigation, real estate and business finance and transactions, trusts and family legal matters. He began his legal career developing courtroom skills as a Deputy District Attorney for Los Angeles County. After entering private practice he represented parties in matters involving a broad spectrum of legal areas including criminal defense, real estate, business, probate and family law litigation, transactions involving real estate, business, partnerships, LLCs, corporations, commercial and UCC contracts, employment contracts and estate planning. Earle also served as general counsel and successor general partner of his family's real estate limited partnership which was owned by 10 close and distant relatives and several major non-profit corporations. As general partner and general counsel, Earle managed the partnership's portfolio of over 800 real properties throughout southern and central California. With this broad background, Earle serves as Personal General Legal Counsel to U.S. and International high net worth individuals, families and family businesses.

We Understand The Unique Dynamics Of Family Businesses and the Interaction of Family Members in a Family Business.
Earle Goodman has first hand experience organizing and managing family businesses, estates and trusts as general counsel and successor general partner of his family's real estate limited partnership which was owned by 10 close and distant relatives and several major non-profit corporations. The partnership resulted from the cooperation of beneficiaries to a probate estate, during probate, who at Earle's counsel agreed to end probate and form a living trust for the orderly management and disposition of the estate's over 800 real properties. The trust was subsequently converted into a limited partnership. As such Earle not only dealt with a complex probate, family trust and family business, but also with the personal issues involved in operating trusts and family businesses with multiple family and corporate partners and numerous unrelated property co-owners, each with their own personal financial and operational preferences.

Family Business Organization, Operations, Governance and Succession Planning, Family LLCs.
With our hands on experience managing a complex multi-member family partnership, we counsel founders and family members regarding the organization, succession and control of family businesses and interests in the family business. This includes organization, operations and governance of a family LLC, an analysis of potential contributions by the founder into a family LLC, gifts of interests in a family LLC to family members, structuring the future control and management of a family LLC from a business and management perspective and considering the expectations of family members. We also represent the business if the founders decide to sell the company rather than retain ownership in the family.ndemnification and hold harmless.

For Our General Counsel Clients, We Review and Manage Litigation and Specialized Legal Services Provided By Other Law Firms.
With his significant legal and business experience across a vast range of legal disciplines, as his clients' Personal General Counsel, Earle reviews, analyzes and discusses with his client the contracts, litigation pleadings and other work prepared by unaffiliated attorneys employed by his client to handle legal matters that require a specific expertise or a license to practice law in states outside California and countries outside the United States. Earle's loyalty and judgment is completely for his clients, not law firm policies and committee decisions. Earle's only concern is what is in the best interest of his client, the client's goals and what the client really wants.

Homeowner Employment Contracts For Executive Assistants, Nannies, Domestic Staff and Personal Security.
Many of our clients employ assistants to help them manage their household. This includes executive assistants to manage personal and business affairs, nannies to assist with taking care of children and other domestic staff. Some also employ personal and property security personnel. As their personal legal counsel, we provide our clients with legal representation in preparing these special contracts.