Business Contracts and Transactions

We Negotiate and Draft Business Transactions and Contracts Including:
• Business acquisitions and sales;
• LLC membership purchase agreements;
• LLC operating agreements;
• Limited partnership agreements;
• LLC and partnership contribution agreements;
• Joint venture agreements;
• Letters of intent, binding and non-binding;
• Confidentiality and non-disclosure;
• Marketing and management agreements;
• Buy-sell agreements;
• Employment, consultant and independent contractor agreements;
• UCC financing, security agreements;
• Letters of credit;
• Powers of attorney, general and special powers;
• Release and settlement;
• Non-competition; and
• Indemnification and hold harmless.

S and C Corporations.
We organize and counsel S and C corporations for privately owned business enterprises and family owned businesses. We prepare the organizational documents, founder agreements, shareholder buy-sell, voting and control agreements and business contracts incumbent for the governance, management and operations of the company. We counsel the company or its individual shareholders on equity and operational decisions and assist the company in its dissolution and liquidation.

Real Estate Broker and Contractor Licensing.
We have assisted licensed California contractors with obtaining a contractor's license for a corporation and limited liability company with our client as the Qualifying Individual licensee. We represented them in negotiations and formal responses to application reviews by the Contractors State License Board. We have also assisted licensed contractors with responding to investigative inquiries on various issues from the CSLB. We have assisted licensed California real estate brokers with obtaining a corporation license for their brokerage company and have formed their corporation and authorized it to accept the license and act as a licensed real estate broker.

Homeowner Employment Contracts For Executive Assistants, Nannies, Domestic Staff and Personal Security.
Many of our clients employ assistants to help them manage their household. This includes executive assistants to manage personal and business affairs, nannies to assist with taking care of children and other domestic staff. Some also employ personal and property security personnel. As their personal legal counsel, we provide our clients with legal representation in preparing these special contracts.